We noticed that consumers have little or no access to the same quality supplies as professionals. Take for example batteries for household use. Did you know that there is a higher grade of batteries available?

We offer brands that currently are only available to professional repair shops where the products have proven themselves. Over the years, as our employees used these products in their own homes, we asked ourselves: why not offer them to you?

Our products are sourced directly from manufacturers and include an interesting array of items for your home or small business. There is no need to wait in line at the big box stores any more. Compare our pricing, but more importantly - you will discover the difference in quality when you buy direct.

Our Mission - Make A Difference

For over thirty years we have strived to source our products from US manufacturers whenever possible. Not only do we seek domestic manufacturers, we also look for partners who have shared values and do good works in the community. Take for example Blind Dog Coffee.

Man On A Mission - Mark Berry of Blind Dog Coffee

Blind Dog Coffee was founded by Mark Berry 10 years ago in Northern Nevada. Mark was diagnosed with childhood cancer, overcame it but eventually lost his eyesight at the age of 48. He founded Blind Dog Coffee when he realized that his other senses became more acute. Here is Mark's story in his own words:

"I followed my passion in life and in work. Living in the high Sierra in the summer times and on the low desert in the wintertime. Life was going great. Then in my forty-eight year life's winds of change showed up again. My remaining vision was fading. By the fall of my forty-ninth year I was legally blind. No longer could I earn a living as I had done for the past thirty years. No longer was life so great. Then a good friend reminded me of the advancements in radiation that had given me the chance to live, the chance to see. 46 years to see the world, the stars, my children grow, my wife smile. I realized how blessed I had been. The gift I had been given, now needs to be shared it needs to be paid back.With life's new wind, a passion, and Blind Dog Coffee, was born. With every bean, pound and bag of Blind Dog Coffee that is sold a portion will be given to help fight childhood cancers. Not only to the patient but also to the families in need while they fight their fight I fought so long ago. Blind Dog Coffee is superior specialty coffee. It not only leaves a great taste in your mouth but also a great feel in your heart. Just think, with every cup of Blind Dog Coffee you drink, you will be giving a child the chance to fight, the chance to dream, the chance to live. Those winds of life just blew your way. Make a choice, show character, and support Blind Dog Coffee." - Mark Berry, Blind Dog Coffee

  • Gourmet Coffee
  • Medical grade hand cleaner
  • Eye protecton
  • Latex and nitrile gloves
  • High powered work lights and flash lights
  • Heavy duty batteries for household use
  • Spill absorbent for the do it yourself technicians
  • Unique tools for the DIYers